These documents mostly pertain to AREDN MESH and specifically for Middle Georgia.
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Another "Internet" ... AREDN MESH

The "Public Internet" .... the one we all use for research, email, surfing, etc ... is but one such internet.

There are several others, some using portions of the same public internet network hardware; others having their
own hardware. One such separate "internet" is call AREDN MESH, strictly operating on amateur radio frequencies
with the same type of equipment used by the "public internet".

THE AREDN MESH source web site

One AREDN MESH hardware source

Download the Amateur Radio Band Chart at WR4MG.US, showing frequency allocations, scroll to the bottom.
Look down at the bottom for "SHF&EHF", and find 2390-2450 MHz and 5650-5925 MHz. AREDN uses those ranges.

Download my antenna tools spreadsheet, calculate gains and beam widths.

Download the Solar Power for Amateurs presentation by KK4BHS, Michael Rutherford.

Great resource: Electronics Notes!

Local information with MESH extensions and more Local extension numbers and more.

World Sunlight Map