Middle Georgia Data Network

Welcome to the Middle Georgia Data Network, MGDN, website.

The MGDN is an amateur radio based data (text traffic, email, files) network, it is not an amateur radio club. However, several clubs support and participate in the networks. And the network is discussed at club meetings.

MGDN simply provides a place to coordinate network operations and advancement; and to show current network status and mapping. MGDN does not operate any repeaters, only packet nodes and mail drops, D-RATS, and FM VARA stations; all on the primary frequency 145.030 MHz. This network operates via radio only, but has ports to internet at some locations. We operate primarily as if internet and cellular service is not available. Some stations on the VHF network provide gateway access to HF data networks.

Contact Us at KK4IB.

MGDN Objectives:
Establish and maintain an Amateur Radio based data (text traffic) network in Middle Georgia, supporting two main goals:

1) provide text message traffic between hospitals, shelters, EOC, and Deploy Teams such as CERT and SAR;
2) provide text message traffic between middle GA WX observers and the Peachtree City NWS.

Remember:... "when all else fails ... Amateur Radio Works". Amateur Radio will provide critical communications .

Mid Georgia Data Network Frequency is 145.030 MHz; running PACKET, DRATS, VARA FM, HF Gateways, and more.

Want to join in? Here is how to build a packet station.

Current active stations: Map View all have Packet with digipeater on, and other modes as indicated.

KM4MLS Perry, GA; Telnet gateway
KC4JIR SE Warner Robins, GA; HF gateway, VARA FM gateway
AE4XO SW Warner Robins, GA; PACTOR gateway
KK4IB SW Warner Robins, GA; packet, Telnet gateway, VARA FM, DRATS
KK4ZFT Kathleen, GA; VARA FM
N4ARY Bonaire, GA
WM4B Kathleen, GA
WR4MG portable station operated "on-site" by MGRA as needed at events [www.wr4mg.us]
KE4BB Forsythe, GA; EC Monroe County
AF1G Kathleen, GA
KN4SRP Kathleen, GA
NM4W Warner Robins, GA
WX4PCH Peach County EOC
WY4X Peach County, GA EC Peach County
N0HPU Peach County, GA
KJ4PSI HMC Warner Robins, GA
KJ4PEI, Warner Robins, GA
KJ4PEQ, HMC Warner Robins, GA
W7KJB Lizella, GA
N4RWK Jones County, GA; EC Jones County
KM5BOR Crawford County, GA EC Crawford County
- - - Get on and see how many stations you can copy.

--> Stations in this network hosting Winlink can be seen at http://nodemap.g8bpq.net:81/

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CONTACT the host by sending email to KK4IB.